Mizba Khan – A Talent That Defines Beauty Beyond Its Potential

Mizba Khan

Suhail Khan / Arawat Mehraj

Designers and models share the limelight during fashion weeks, but there is an entire army of people who work backstage – making sure every part of the show blends into each other seamlessly.

Makeup artists have long served as the driving force behind exquisitely powerful looks showcased on the runway, by lending their creative touches to fashion shows, and through it, becoming as sought-after as the designer themselves.

In Kashmir, we have one such professional stage and film actress and make-up artist who has earned a name in the glam industry.

Mizba Khan- actor and make-up artist who supports independent productions has been recognized in local and international stages. She has worked with Kabir Khan in Wonder Cement, featured in Andaz Music video starring Mahira Sharma. She has a lead role in Khuda Hi Tum Ho music video.

Mizba has also got featured in Enigma of Kashmir, a web series on Netflix besides in Masaba Masaba, a Web Series on Netflix. She also got a supporting role in Bekhabar Hogaye- a musical video.

A BSc Anesthesia student Mizba Khan has worked with different celebrities and brands across the world as a makeup artist.


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In an interview, Mizba said that “we live in a society where we have less opportunities but passion and hardwork can make the mountains move.”

“Once a person is having passion towards making a successful career, doors of success will open. The only thing is to have a vision, a dream and a passion to follow that dream. At times, we fear following our dreams and in the race we lose ourselves and the opportunities knocking at our doors,” Mizba said.

She said that Kashmir has a great talent but the passion to follow a dream and not grabbing the opportunities at the right time is worrisome.

“In my earlier years, I had been thinking about doing a makeup course, but never had the opportunity or the confidence to do it! But then I had a Diploma course, it was the final push I needed. Now the sky’s the limit. There is no stopping,” Mizba said.

In a message to the youth of Kashmir, Mizba said, “With the right attitude and support system, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Work hard and achieve the heights. ”


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