Mother, an inspirational root

We often came across incidents where the role of women as a mother in our society is wrongly diminize. Society is something which is made up of individuals with their collective actions of moral and ethical values. Mother in a society has vital importance along with innumerable responsibilities. Right from the birth of the child till the age he/she attains maturity, Mother plays an indispensable part in their life. Even before the birth, the child is nourished inside the Mother’s womb and she take every care of the child inside the womb. In fact mother has significant role in moulding the attitude or the behaviour of the child.

a mother holding a newborn baby in her arms

The moral and ethical values she inculcate in the child through various means, inevitably decides the future of the child. That’s why It is widely said that Mother is the first teacher in the learning process of the child. As a mother, She works way more than a regular job of 9 to 5. In fact she indulges in caring of her child for almost 24 hours of a day. Moreover, children’s are generally more attached to their mother emotionally. For a child, mother is the source of enormous power and hope. Life is something which is filled with ups and downs, and at every stage of life we have different experiences. Some of them are pretty good while some are not. While in these situations, a child needs the love, care and hope from the mother. She with the positive approach and selflessness assure the child for the good. . Mother works as a foundational base for her child. It is she whom her child looks upon in difficult times.

She serves as a piller for the child in all difficulties and insecurities. She is undoubtedly the best gift of the God which children can have on earth.

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