Everything We Know About Tupac’s Stepfather, Mutulu Shakur During His Last Days

Rapper, actor, and activist Tupac Shakur was well-liked. The legendary MC only enjoyed brief fame, but during that time, he dem*nstrated all the characte ristics of a generational genius on par with the best. In d*ath, his life has taken on a legend-like quality, with admirers reflecting on every

detail to feel closer to him. During and during his existence, followers developed an interest in his mother, Afeni Shakur. She grew to be a strong voice all on her own. Although less well-known to fans, his stepfather Mutulu Shakur also has a rema rkable life story. Let’s examine the man who wasinst rumental in the develo pment of one of history’s greatest artists. For more than 30 years, Mutulu has been incarc erated. In both 2016 and 2018, when he was once more eligible for parole, it was rej ected. Before leaving office in 2016, a lot of people requested former president Barack Obama to pardon him.

They contended that because Mutulu was a political pr**oner, he ought to be permitted to return to his area so he could carry on doing good and su*porting his community. While he was imp**soned, Mutulu received a can cer di*gnosis. In ad*ition, he su*fers from the afte reffects of a str*ke he had in2013 while being held in isolation as well as hyper ten sion, Type 2 dia betes, glau*oma, and other ill*esses. Unfortunately, the same judge who condemned Mutulu more than 30 years ago re*ected his request for a comp assionate release in 2020, claiming that his medical conditions were not life

th**atening enough. It appears that Mutulu is get ting close to his final days. Doctors have esti mated that he has only six months to live, and his supp orters are calling for his release so that he can spend his dying hours in freedom. According to lawyer Nkechi Taifa, every legal option has been considered,

including mercy, comp assionate release, and pushing for a change in the legisl ation to grant those in Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s category who were co**icted under the law the benefits of freedom.

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