N.C. teenagers found d*ad in Car’s Backseat, Passed away Bcoz of Car’bon mon*xide

The two North Carolina teens who were discovered d*ad in a running car in the back seat last month had a ca*se of d*ath identified. The North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner concluded from the results of their aut**sies that Britany Munoz-Ramirez, 17, and Ailton Sebastian

Tirado-Martinez, 16, both passed away on October 24 as a result of acute carbon mon**ide po**oning. Both students were 11th graders at Hoke County High School, and according to their families, they had previously been in a relationship. The youngsters had been to a party the night before,according to the au**psy results and related investigative files. Family members went looking for them in the morning when they weren’t at home and found the pickup near the school’s soccer field. On the morning of October 24, the teenagers were discovered sitting in the back of a

parked automobile out side of an elementary school. When emergency personnel arrived on the site, they found that their car was still idling. The duo had attended a party the night before, according to the medical examiner’s inquiry report. The two appeared to have left the party shortlyafter midnight to go home, according to texts, but neither was there the next day. This is a great loss for our whole district family, Hoke County Schools Superintendent

Dr. Debra Dowless had earlier stated in a statement. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s family, friends, and the HCHS neighbourhood during this difficult time.

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