Nurses Dress Up NICU Preemies In Adorable Halloween Costumes To Bring Joy Back To Their Parents Lives

It takes a strong person to raise an NICU preemie, especially over the holidays. Nobody could possibly understand that more than Paula Glass, the NICU Clinical Manager, who oversaw a particularly unique attempt to restore a little bit of joy to these parents’ lives for Halloween. By creating itsy-bitsy costumes for the hospital’s tiniest but mightiest patients,

the nurses at Advocate Children’s Hospital have helped transform a very stressful moment into a memorable celebration. While babies are being treated in the NICU, Paula explains that the nurses work with families to help them make every holiday special for them. Actually, the infants and their families are the ones being celebrated.This is one of many firsts for each of these infants. Their first Halloween is memorable, but since they are still in the hospital, they are unable to celebrate it in the same way as babies who are at home with their families. The stress of having a baby in the NICU is lessened, in my opinion, by this. She claims that by injecting some fun and normalcy into the otherwise tense environment.

The NICU unit’s mothers and fathers are beaming thanks to the joyous celebration, and the hospital’s neonatal specialists couldn’t be happier about it. According to Dr. Michael Cappello, it’s a really amazing chance to let the families forget about some of the medical difficulties they have faced over the past few days, weeks, or even months.It means a lot to everyone because we discuss really serious, very significant matters with the families on a daily basis, and it wears on everyone. It’s a really nice opportunity to be able to sort of step back from all of that and consider something that is just pure fun.

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