Tina Turner allegedly sh*t Randy Jackson over in front of Sugar Ray Leonard’s wife, who is also Ex-Gf

ILOSM family, here, we discover some thing new each day. And if we do say so ourselves, the little-known information we’ve discovered about Lynn Swann, the ex-wife of NFL icon Sugar Ray Leonard, Randy Jackson’s ex-girlfriend, and the woman Tina Turner is said to have sh*t Randy over, is very fascinating.

Let us *reak down the last se**ence for you because we realize that was a lot to take in. Sugar Ray Leonard, a boxing icon, has been wed to Bernadette since 1993. She was married to Lynn Swann, a former NFL player, from 1979 to 1983. Bernadette had a committed relationship with Randy Jackson,once of the Jackson family and known as Michael Jackson’s baby brother, for almost five years before she wed Sugar Ray. This is when the narrative becomes quite interesting. It appears that Bernadette and Randy’s relationship finally grew fairly turbulent. It was reportedly so dramatic back

then that it made national headlines and even included Tina Turner in the mess. Randy Jackson said to have entered Tina Turner’s home and found Tina and her, then-girlfriend Bernadette Roby Swann engaged in what Randy implied to be some sort of affectionate interaction. All heck broke loose at that point,and Tina has never publicly refuted the occurrence. When asked if the r**or was real in 2011, Randy told his Twitter followers that Tina Turner had actually sh*t him. Many of you probably don’t realize this, though. I was shot by Tina Turner, yes. Randy tweeted, I have the scar to prove it.

It happened in the 1980s. I don’t have anything a*ainst Tina either; she’s a fantastic artist and a valuable member of our profession. That said, I have never used violence and I have never owned or carried a we**on, Randy remarked.

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