I Struggled To Transition My 1 Year Old Baby To Real Food, Here’s Zonnique story

Maternity is a journey. It can be wonderful and tiring at the similar period. For new mothers, specimens on the journey are convinced to feel amplified as they are undergoing unique characteristics of life. Zonnique Pullins is certainly understanding the highs and lows of motherliness as

she shares some interests in her own explorations with her newborn, comprising feeling like she is hungering her. Zonnique Pullins, daughter to Tameka Tiny Harris and stepdaughter to rapper T.I., gave origin to a baby girl called Hunter with boyfriend Badhunta Izzy in December 2020. From that period on,the TV character hasn’t shied away from dealing her procedure of raising her aborning baby. At 26 years old, Zonnique juggles more than just existing a mother. But that doesn’t shift what has appropriated as the first preference in life, and that’s her baby girl. Zonnique Pullins dealt some of the

aspects she supposes her favorite characteristic of being a mother with Essence. The old OMG Girlz organization unit illustrated that she celebrates the small stuff about raising her daughter, from putting my child to nap and cuddling. If you are a mom, I’m confident you might can pertain, Zonnique told asshe instructed to share. Zonnique tells that since her daughter has transitioned to consuming real food, it’s been challenging. I’m constant attempting to learn all these aspects for her to like,she tells about inaugurating various foods to Hunter. But it seems that her daughter is a little of a choosy eater.

Zonnique clarifies that this is the justification behind her own weight loss because she has steady impressions about if she’s resulting in her baby to be malnourished. Am I hungering her? Is she hungry? Is she not? Like, what’s going on? Zonnique questions.

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