Omarion And Mario’s ‘Verzuz’ Night Was A True Mess With Watermelons and more

Verzuz recently declared matchup between 2000s R&B favorites Mario and Omarion and he made his comeback in tonight. The f’i’g’h’t was a little distinct from the former ones we’ve watched on the platform over the last two years. In expansion to it occurring a live event from Los Angeles, Mario and Omarion’s

fi’g’h’t also starred an undercard that positioned Ray J and Bobby V in a f’i’g’h’t against Sammie and Pleasure P. If you anticipated aspects to go smoothly throughout the night, we’re here to say you that was distant from the case, and it began long before Mario and Omarion grabbed the stage.Ray J and Bobby V’s fight against Sammie and Pleasure P starred ton of moments that brought social media into an uproar. There was Ray J being totally off-key as he sang his fan-favorite “One Wish.” After that, Bobby V, Sammie, and Pleasure P gathered forces to vocalize “One Wish” on-key.

Then Ray said the three of them that they were “just mad y’all don’t own y’all hits.” Sammie also announced that there “wouldn’t be no Bobby V without Sammie” and he also referred to Ray J as “Brandy’s brother.” Now, if you guessed things would be much softer during Omarion and Mario’s battle, we’re here to inform you that was also not the issue.Mario echoed said Omarion and his guestsm, which comprised Jeremih, Tank, and more, that they whistled off-key. Omarion struggled to clown Mario for not existing on the Millenium Tour, but Mario told

he didn’t “wanna be in that raggedy sh*t.” To prepare things even more out of strength, Omarion and his brother O’Ryan strived to attract (?) the mob by eating a big slice of watermelon on stage.

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