Woman S*es Von Miller For Intentionally Sha’ring Their S***ally Ex’plicit PIC With 2 Celebrities

A woman, fi’led under “Jane Doe,” is took le*al a*tion ag*inst Von Miller in Los Angeles who says the NFL star, came across by r*ge and je**ousy, posted a s***ally clearly picture of both with “two famous celebrities.” TMZ allegedly occurred co*rt documents cha*ging Miller, 33, sent the pictures upto May 2020.

The Super Bowl winner was in a relationship a woman in 2020, and the duo apparently took closer relationship together while “s***al acts.” Jane Doe stand from there was an acknowledge that the ex’plicit pictures would never be posted, but Miller con’trav’ene that not time but twice.The anony mous woman cha*ged Miller was “in a f’it of dis liking, fru**ation, and r*ge.” That’s when she assert he sent “se***lly clear” pictures to duo famous celebrities. The c*se assert the first text that was sent on May 7th, 2020, apparently said: “This the shrew you want?

You can have her dog.” Von apparently sent a second message after three minutes to a different number including to a star, saying: Last year, Megan assert Miller wished for her miscarriage.” while, she was expecting; she assert he send messages that apparently read as: “I’m so upset. I’m reallly wish for a mis car*iage.Miller reacted “ru**urs” to the ass;ertion, backing the text with a pictures of a so**gra’phy. After the message from his firmer wife of miller that he prayed for her wife to mis carriage the baby.

Po’lice officers su*den took action and inve stigate his house for some evid ences. But after fil’ing the sue to co*rt the co*rt has said that don’t take any a*tion ag*inst Miller because we didn’thave any le*al e**dence ag*inst him.

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