Biggest Ma’fia Brazil’s Pablo Escobar ar’res’ted after fooling his De’ath for 2 years

From all the stories that have been said about the infamous alliances and dr*g t’r’a’f’f’i’c’k’r’s from Latin America, the tale of a Brazilian d’r*g lord called Brazilian Sergio Roberto de Carvalho has some how stayed one of the earth’s best-kept mysteries. His c’r’i’m’i’n*l association is speculated to have transferred

dr*gs to several parts of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This is an extraordinary significance that has contributed to the evidence that the global dr*g t’r’a’f’i’c’k’e’r was viewed by many laws enforcement commodities all over the world as one of thee most wanted drug m’a’f’i’a men in the whole world.Two years before, the man whom many peoples refer to as Major Carvalho or Brazil’s Pablo Escobar became such a great coveted v’i’c’t’i’m by the Spanish government, that he was fabricated his death (due to COVID) and altered his name, after being discharged from a lockup in Spain.

The d’e’a’t’h certificate was dated August 29, 2020, and it was ratified by a doctor who was reportedly confirmed that Carvalho had been cremated. From there, he collected a Mexican passport and changed his name to Guillermo Flores Díaz before he moves to the country of Hungry and proceeded again his illegal activities.However many still believed that he was d’e’a’d, the secretive c’r’i’m’i’n’a’l mastermind was im prisoned this week after it was uncovered that he was alive and adequately while operating in a palace under his new name Guillermo. It is being noted that Carvahlo’s cartel is fully accountable for having transported at least 40,823.3133 kilograms of

co c*ine from Brazil to Europe, for four years from 2017 to 2021. The charge is the outcome of a joint initiative between Portuguese and Hungarian law enforcement commodities. Established on the evidence obtained through this investigation, it is speculated that Carvalho’s headquarters were stationed in Dubai.

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