Parimpora residents rue bad condition of roads

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Locals of Parimpora area of summer capital Srinagar on Tuesday expressed resentment against authorities for failing in macadamizing Fruit Mandi road.


Locals complained that the road stretch from Main Bus Stand to Inside Mandi which is considered a priority road is in shambles. “The road is dotted with potholes which speaks volumes about the tall claims of the government of improving road connectivity,” the residents said.


“The road is full of potholes and deep ditches, causing innumerable problems to the commuters as well as fruit laden trucks. Besides, the big craters on the road put lives of two-wheelers at risk,” Abdul Rashid, a shopkeeper said, adding that authorities should take immediate steps to restore all damaged roads at least temporarily.


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“Every year we are being promised that the road will be macadamized but nothing concrete has been done till now. We are the victims of government apathy. For last few years the pressure of traffic has increased but the road condition remains pathetic,” locals said.


Due to potholes, auto-rickshaws ferrying goods, fruits etc from Mandi frequently overturn and two-wheelers skid, causing injuries to commuters.


“ Though the matter was brought into the notice of the concerned authorities but till date no action has been taken,” they said.


“We appeal concerned authorities to take necessary measures including macadamization at the earliest to avoid any road accident or injury to any pedestrians,” they added.


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