Paul George Married To Whom, He Did One Ni’ght St’and Earlier

This is one of the craziest and weirdest love stories of all time. American Basketball player Paul George was dating Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie when he took off on a Chris Brown yacht party in Miami, where he slept with a known stripper Daniela Rajic. Rajic got expectant, and George proposed her $1 million to have an ab*rt’ion.

Behind in 2014, Paul George was dating Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie Rivers, but while at a Yacht Party in Miami he had a one night stand with a stripper called Daniela Rajic just a few weeks after seizing Callie to ESPYS. Rajic in jud’iciary docs said that PG attempted to reimburse her $1 million to have an ab’rtion(She gave texts messages as proof) and for a year they got on back and ahead in court. At this juncture Callie disassembled with George. Some assumed that is why Doc Rivers didn’t continue a trade for George when he wanted out from the Pacers. In a crazy cons’piracy twist after bat’ling in co’urt,

PG and Rajic completely fell in love and agreed on to be together. They presently have two children together. Callie Rivers walked on and is presently wedded to Steph Curry’s brother Seth. As referred above, ultimately, they got over the $1 million abr’tion offer and evolved a happy couple, and PG recently proposed toRajic after it was declared openly they were having baby #3. It seems that the marriage was propelled back because of the epidemic, but it seems like Rajic has now conserved the bag and the ring, according to her social media posts.

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