The ‘White Lil Baby’ A Popular rapper performs at Rolling Loud Miami for first time

De’spite just having been a rap**r for five years, Lil Baby’s infl*ence is already being felt by a new gen’eration of musicians. Since the ra’pper has been one of rap’s top artists for a while, it was only a matter of time before some imi’tators appeared.

Fans responded to the claim online right away, but it looks that Lil Baby was finally drawn to the clip. HipHopDx noted that a song clip has been shared on OurGenerationMusic’s Instagram page. A rapper by the name of Lil Man J gained not*rietythree weeks ago when he released the music video for his song Cap Freestyle. The teenage rap*er from South Carolina received a lot of praise for his unpolished performance, but most onlookers couldn’t help but note how much his voice resembled Lil Baby’s vocal cadences.

In fact, Lil Man J’s ra*e and Lil Baby’s ethnicity are the only obvious differences between the two musicians sounds that are audible at first listen. He gained the moniker White Lil Baby as a result. Is he serious or making a joke here? Asked Lil Baby on Instagram afterlearning about Lil Man J’s increasing online presence earlier this month. Lil Man J is very serious and isn’t just an internet phen*menon over night. In ad’dition to releasing a music video that received almost three million views in just three weeks,

the 17-year-old rap*er just gave a performance at Rolling Loud Miami over the weekend. Although Lil Baby also gave a performance at Rolling Loud Miami this past weekend, it is currently unknown whether the two rap’pers’ similarity ends there.

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