R. Kelly’s Daughter For’ced To Drop Out College Because He Stopped Paying Her Tuition Fee

After “cutting her off without wa*ning” the previous year, the combative musician allegedly stopped paying his daughter’s living and education costs, forcing her to flee. According to a TMZ report, Joann Lee, the daughter of R. Kelly, was forced to drop out of college because her father was unable to cover her living expenses and tuition.

Joann, also known as Buku Abi, apparently followed an art school in California up until the end of last year, but her father “cu(t) off without wa(ning” because he failed to foot the fee. In accordance with his agreement with his ex-wife Andrea regarding child support, Kelly was expected to cover Joann’s educational costs up until the age of 23. It was assumed that R. Kelly had missed his daughter’s school.However, it was claimed that Lee had to leave the apartment she was living in and had to pay for her own school supplies when he stopped funding both. Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, responds to his daughter’s allegations by saying that the singer must produce receipts and proof of spending in order to be ordered to pay for Joann’s schooling.He claims Kelly was never entitled to them. If R. Kelly were her father any longer, one would have to question why, as a millionaire, he couldn’t pay for her college expenses. Sad Additionally, Kelly is reported to have conjectured that Joann had decided to drop out of school herself, which is how he ended up receiving invoices.

He claims that he did not receive any confirmation that she had declined to drop out of school.

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