This is why Rapper Big Boi Finally Decided To Divorce Her Wife Officially After 20 Years

American Rapper Big Boi and her ex wife Sherlita Patton are not in a traditional couple for quite some time. The rapper and his ex-wife have formally divide after 20 years of wedding. As per the reports TMZ published on Wednesday morning, the ultimate di’vorce decree was arrived by the court previous month.

The OutKast rapper reportedly filed for di’vorce back in April so it’s sure to say the pro’cedure is going ahead quickly. Big Boi affirmed in his filing that there’s no adequate hope of reconciliation for the pair since they’ve been residing individually. The ultimate nail in the casket appears after theformer pair encountered almost a decade of marital problems. Big Boi, born as Antwan Patton, and Sherlita Patton first got wedded in 2002. They had two kids jointly together, who are evolved grown-ups today. Around in 2013, Sherlita filed for divorce and urged lone supervision of their daughter,

who was a small at the time, as well as child assistance, spousal assistance, a split of the married assets and attorney’s payments. Big Boi wasn’t prepared to let his spouse go that effortlessly. A few months after legitimate papers were filed, Big Boi and Sherlita filed to abolish the di’vorce petition and a magi’strate made it happen.In 2016, both of then the rapper and his wife agreed on a postnuptial treaty. The contract permitted them to equally divide their assets and debts. In extension, they both agreed to a “confidential settlement” so that they could maintain their financial dealings private. 

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