Rapper donates 100,000 USD to her past Middle School

Whatever we earn in our life time, we have a moral obligation to return back something to the society which helped us to earn that. This is called the welfaristic approach to the society. One of the example is Cardi B, an American rapper who donated 100,000 USD to the a middle school where she studied in Bronex, Newyork.

On 13th September she surprisingly announced that she will be Chariting sum of 100,000 USD to the IS 232 Middle school. It took staffs and students of the school by amazement. She posted a video on his Instagram account, where she was seen interacting with the students telling them that she hopes this amount would help the management to initiate various after school programmes that will insure overall development of kids particularly the physical one. It will help them to learn things which can benifit them through out their life. She wrote in the post that she has a very special place in her heart for this school as it took her from an 11 years old girl to a little teenage. She wrote further that she has went through a lot when she was going to the middle school.

She believes that this donation will help them in their difficulties and would generate experiences that will change them. She interacted with the students there, and answered their queries as well. It was an exceptionally applaudable job what Cardi B did. We shouldn’t forget the society which has significant contribution to our lives. In case of Cardi B it was her Middle School.

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