Ray J Got furious With Bobby V, Pleasure P and Sammie For Overcoming His Verzuz Performance.

American singer William Ray Norwood Jr. is known as ‘Ray J’ confessed that he “missed a few notes” during his concert of “One Wish” at the Omarion and Mario Verzuz battle. On Thursday Night 23 June, Ray J had melted down on the stage during the Verzuz showdown between Omarion and Mario.

The “I Hit It First” vocalist was an outstanding guest for the night, on a squad with Bobby V. The duo were taking up fellow R&B stars Pleasure P & Sammie along with the main event.There was a small tension in the atmosphere as Ray was J sent to the stage to accomplish one of his massive hits, “One Wish.” Before he started, Ray J cautioned his oppositions not to walk on his toes. “If you vocalizing on my s### fam”. Ray J told the others. “it’s gonna be a problem will never vocalize when you sing, I’m a soloist,” replied Sammie before warning him how greatly he adores the song.

However, Ray J started singing, although it seems he didn’t heat up and not that much practised his voice up ahead, clearly having discomfort with some of the lofty notes. He even aroused his baby during the hymn, grabbing him in his arms as he crooned. “My spouse doesn’t expect no random watching the kids,” he described.Nonetheless, after striving with the track his frustrations quickly started to show. As the song reached an end, Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Sammie all started harmonizing with Ray J. The singer-turned-entrepreneur suddenly stopped singing and permitted them to proceed alone. “What happened to me?” he suspected as they completed singing. “Wait, I’m not in the group?” he questioned.

He furthermore apologized for losing “a few notes,” as he was grabbing his son. “Imma compose for that one, I listened it too,” he admitted.


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