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After a long time of almost two years stuck in the pandemic we have realised the irreplaceable role that school plays in our lives. And after reopening of other businesses schools too are doing or want to do the same thing. But of course the educators are reconsidering the reinfection and deciding or trying to decide the best course of action. And now, we are witnessing an increasing number of children returning to classrooms. According to statistics, more than 1 billion students are still out of school due to the worldwide school closures; nonetheless, some school-related activities have increased the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission among students and staff. Numerous media reports of COVID-19 outbreaks among US high school athletic teams suggest that contact during both practices and competition, and at social gatherings associated with team sports, increase risk. On January 26, 2021, CDC released a brief report describing the initial investigation of a COVID-19 outbreak associated with a high school wrestling tournament associated with a high school wrestling tournament that occurred in December 2020 and included 10 schools and 130 student-athletes, coaches, and referees.


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Furthermore, around 214 million children globally which means 1 in every 7 students have missed more than three quarters of their in-person learning. The analysis on school closures report notes that 14 countries worldwide have remained largely closed since March 2020 to February 2021.Given the difficulty of the situation, apart from considering the benefits and risks across education and about health, authorities need to readjust and catch up on the resumed learning. School reopening plans must incorporate efforts to recover children’s lost education. UNICEF urges governments to prioritize the unique needs of every student, with comprehensive services covering remedial learning, health and nutrition, and mental health and protection measures in schools to nurture children and adolescents’ development and wellbeing. Schools need to ensure additional measures for safety.In the current scenario,it is also likely that schools will again close after reopening. Therefore, when we are blessed with their opening we can ensure holding school in shifts, staggering mealtimes, moving classes outdoors and taking hygiene into consideration.

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