Lil Duval responds to claim that he is currently receiving life support after ac**dent

Fans are w**ried about the well-being of comedian Lil Duval after a recent ATV ac**dent. Born Roland Powell, Duval was k**led in the Bahamas when a car st*uck him as he was ri ding a four-wheeler. According to sources, he was air lifted by the Trinity Air Ambulance to South Florida on Wednesday

and then transferred for treatment to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Some one hit me in a car while I was ri ding my four-wheeler, he wrote in a post on Instagram. I now need to be airlifted to Nassau for su**ery because my leg has br*ken. Following the in cident, a spokes person for Duval issued a statement.They said that Lil Duval was riding a 4-wheeler when he was involved in a car acc ident and was st*uck by a car. A sh**tered hip and min*r in jur’ies were the results of this ac**dent. The statement stated, He is in stable condition and is currently being transported from Nassau to Jacksonville,

FL in order to be treated at a nearby hospital with the facilities and t*ols necessary to carry out the suggested su**ical procedures for recovery. Duval has continued to inform his followers on social media. He wrote the day after the in cident to let everyone know that he was struggling and in a lot of p*in,but that he was grateful for all the love they were sending. I appreciate everyone calling to see how I’m doing, but if I don’t answer the phone, don’t be offended. I’m in so much p*in that I can’t even move. I’m really screwed up. Numer*us admirers expressed their displeasure in his statements regarding the conflicting stories and talked about the

strength of words and how frequently they can come true. Words have strength. In the name of Jesus, I chasten those who would speak ill of lilduval. I’m happy to see that you’re doing better than the internet would have you believe.

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