RHOP star Mia Thornton Told, Con’cerning he’alth Dia’gnosis

We are maintaining Real House wives of P*tomac celebrity Mia Thornton h*isted in pra’yer. On Friday, she shared with her su*porters that after earning cu*rent t*st out comes she was told that she would prefer to go to Johns Hopkins Ca*cer Centre. She told in an Instagram post,

Same time previous week, Doc called at 7:31am  Mia I’m so s*rry but your t*st out comes came back and I need you to go to Johns Hopkins Cancer Centre today. She proceeded, You can only vis*alize the severe quantity of emo’tion G and I under went at*empting to conclude why.However, even with such news, I felt a drastic amount of peace and power inst illed that enabled me to stay strong. Mia says that she has since been meeting with consu ltants, and although the procedure is not over, she has already been altered through the e*perience.

I know God has an a*enda and I know we are frequently questioned to stay hu*bled that future is not ple*ged and that our days on this planet are numbered, she expanded. Mia earned as**stance from women of the Real House wives franc hise in her comment category, com**ising,

Eboni K. Williams, Sheree Whitfield, Monique Samuels, and Cynthia Bailey. Mia was a***ainted to the RHOP franchise as a major cast unit in its sixth season. She was brought about to the show as a pal of Karen H*ger and shortly established her own path on the show.   We are delivering op**mistic energy Mia’s path, and delivering her our blessings.

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