15 Year Sentence For Jerry Harris

The U.S. Attorney office as a prosecutor is asking the judge to sentence actor Jerry Harris to 15 years in his c’h’i’l’d por n*graphy case. Prosecutors termed Cheer star Jerry Harris’s actions as and still they think the sentence is some what lenient. They are of the opinion that Harris destroyed childhood of many children.

The reason behind his actions may be his rough child hood which also factored into their recommendation of a somewhat lenient 15-year sentence. Federal prosecutors has also requested to give Harris almost 10 years of supervised release once he is released from the prison. On the other side,Harris’ legal team is requesting a sentence of only six years in jail and eight years of supervised release. Twin brothers are the v’i’c’t’i’m’s in this case. Their mother explains chilling c’r’i’m’e’s of Harris. She said that her sons are so brave that in order to p’u’n’i’s’h and brought to justice a serial predator and avert h’a’r’m to other children,

they took daunting step of speaking publicly about the ab*se they suffered at the hands of Jerry Harris. She added, I will continue my mission to hold Jerry Harris and his enablers fully accountable both in the courts of law and of the court of public opinion. While Jerry please guilty in thec’a’s’e and mother of twins said it confirms that my son’s has suffered lot of pain. Subsequently , Jerry has pleaded g’u’i’l’t’y to one count of receipt of child po rn*gr aphy and another count of traveling with the intent to engage in illicit conduct in the month of February.

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