Shannade Clermont Reveal About J*il Sent’ence & The Night with ‘Sugar Daddy’ D*ed

Half of the Clermont Twins will be leaded to j*il for 12 months after be*ging g**lty to peform fr*ud. On January 31, 2017, 42-year-old Alesi d*ed due To heavy d*se of c*ca’in, backing what at*orney e*plained as a $400, se* worker date with Clermont at his apartment. On 4th June, Shannade Clermont

will be decided to shift to Los Angeles j*il due to all egations of, pu*loin debit-card documentary from James Alesi, who’s true house agent whom she as serts was her “sugar daddy” and he was found d*ed after lay out at night with the nobleman. Shannade said The Post, “He wasn’t sleeping when I left,he was not in his se*ses ca*se of heavy a**ohol or something. I never see people in a heavy dose I didn’t had an idea. It was like d*unk man, I was ir rit’ated so I thought he’s playing games. Then I decided to left from their. She mentioned she took his card when she left and after few months

goes on a $20, 000 shopping, used her card for pay rent, buying branded shoe, purchase flights tickets and all ex’pensive stuffs from that card that belongs from Alesi and she’s paying for all the expense. Shannade told she didn’t know d*mise of Alesi after but added her condition was not good.From the Outside seeing like he’s not okay, and I knew he was about to d*e and was like laughing, and that truly sick, she told her sister Shannon tried to save her to the post, said it’s not well, anyone would take care,

Shennade knew Alesi was not alive and she didn’t make a call on 911. Shannade pleded that she’s not a “bl**dless gold di*ger per eoccupy with lime lights and fame” and that she isn’t to problem for Alesi’s lifestyle.

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