Soul Singer vanity Passes Away At the Age of 57, Here is Detail

The news is very sad, singer named “Vanity”, Matthews former singer of 80’s, Vanity 6, has passed away at the very early age of 57. This news b*eaks millions heart of her fans. Vanity had su*fered a lot of in her life, from pi*ls ad**ction, to dom estic a**se, to sudden changed into devout Christian.

Now she finally d*ed, we must have to pray for her peace of sleep. She’s the queen of 80’s group. Vanity has s**fered with kidney f*ilure, she got tran splanted her kid ney and recently, she started having pr&blems, she experienced a huge abd*minal p*in, and it turns out of her d*ath,she was bat**ing for about few years with this severe pr*blem. Before, few months she announced her dis**se on social media she said she’s diagn*sed with “Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis” (In which patient could face inflammation of small intestine). According to TMZ, she hospitalized in Fremont,

CA hospital and took her last bre*th in that hospital today. She’d set up a GoFundMe page to collect money for her medications. Because kidney’s medication is the most expensive medications of medical department. She got her kidney expired due to c**aine ad**ction, she took a heavy d*se in 1994,doctors send her kidney to destruction. She’s under gone with daily dialysis. According to reports, Vanity attended her last Church, rituals, on Saturday evening and expressed to the congregation that she was all ready to go home.

Vanity Matthews is now left us and started her journey. Fans wrote have a beautiful trip Ms. Vanity and thank you for your job here on this earth.

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