Soulja Boy told that he & his partner have a Baby Bor on the way

Congratulations, to the couple to having their ba’by on the way, to Soulja Boy! On Saturday he sh*red on his so’cial me’dia that he and his wife e*pecting a ba’by together. And declared the baby’s ge*der on so’cial med’ia they celebrated the g*der re*eal party so h*rd with their friends and family the

baby who’s on its way is a Boy. The couple seemed to be e*cited and super happy with this happy moment. As you can see him very happy and enjoying the moment. Hes Continuesly e*bracing his partner and show love towards the baby and the baby’s mom. In the clip which he sh*red tohis Instagram account, Soulja and the mother of his child can clearly seem to letting off balloon and powder to reveal the g**der of their up coming child. After the color blue seem, everyone su*denly jumped and make scream out lo*d to show their happiness and joy. Soulja then hugged

the mother of his baby as he cons tantly to show his happ iness for their un b*rn son. So we can see that, it is not cleared that if Soulja is in a relat ionship with the mother of his un b*rn child or married. So many fans are now just used to Soulja Boy appreciating himself as the first rapper to

do many amount of st*ffs. So once he posted the news about his lots of happiness, they began to full up the comment section with jokes. One fan said, First rapper to appeared his ge*der reveal. during another person told, you are the first ra*per who’s going to have a son!” Congrats to Soulja Boy and the mother of his son.

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