Sq**tter Will not Leave Lady House, Gets A Taste Of Her Own Med’icine

A Det**it sq**tter was quite proud of herself for st**ling Sarah Hamilton’s house, but stuff ra*idly took a turn when she got a su*den visit. Soon, the squatter got a taste of her own medicine, and it was surely difficult to swallow. Sarah Hamilton was left in scare and doubt when

Lynn Arthur Williams successfully took over her house, and she couldn’t get the sq**tter to leave. At one step, Hamilton tells that she was even th**atened with a kn**e by the trans se**al va**ant, according to WJBK-TV. But, that’s not all. Hamilton preferred to sell her home but couldn’t sinceWilliams rejected to leave. The p*lice were called, and that’s when the squ**ter alleged that the house owner at**mpted to run her over. Hamilton went to pr**on, and Williams pushed her belongings rear into Hamilton’s home. After hearing Hamilton’s story, reporter Charlie LeDuff selected to head to the scene.

The reporter wasn’t there to just get the scoop, though. He had something else in mind that Williams never required. After meeting with Hamilton and her representative to get the keys and the reasonable paper work expected to enter the capital, LeDuff headed over to give’Williams a taste of her own medicine, fast turning the tables on the sq**tter. And, of course, cameras were there to capture it all as it un raveled. After calling the p*lice to give them a heads up and let them know what was going on, LeDuff appeared with cameras rolling to meet face to face Williams,

whose real name is Arthur Jr, but it was far from your normal news interview. In truth, the reporter had entered at the house in a white bath robe, prepared to move in.

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