SZA Said, She was Speechless, knowing that 8 People D*ed At Astroworld, Just Pra’ying

SZA is going through from the loss of the eight people who d*ed during attending the Astroworld Festival Friday night. On Saturday, the singer who also part icipated prior in the evening at the event told that she was “still can’t believe” after acknowledging about the d*aths.

She said I have no words, about last night I’m just can’t believe and speech less,” tweeted SZA, 31 years old. “I’m Just praying and wishing for people, the h*mies of those who are going via this kind of p*in. Rapper Don Toliver, a Houston native who also participated at the event,shared some thoughts on his Instagram story. Hip-Hop mogul Master P also participated prior in the day and posted some of his cond olences to the people who lost their lives and loved one’s. I also partic ipate prior in the day at AstroWorld but I was all*gedly to participate at night because

I had another show in Balti more, he shared on Instagram. eventually I heard about the in cident at the event, My thought and prayers are with them. Man, this was all*gedly to be a hist orical show. Also some other people shared their thoughts and cond olences on their social media platforms.

Really heart breaking for the people who lost lives and all those e**erienced of the incident. It’s all so can’t little to go through of it. My prayers and condo lences are with the lost people and their family. I’m speechless about the in cident at astr oworld. It’s really heart breaking, said Alison Wonderland.

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