‘Since the day I was born, no man has ever approached me, I feel like Ending My li’fe’

The girl named, Blessing and she’s 22 years of old, she said, that not a single boy ever approach her even not a old guys or c**epy ones. She said: My relatively aunt visit at my house and told me that I need to begin dating and approach someone to start a life. But I never had a boyfriend before. I told her

about this that not a single boy ever approached her for dating. Her aunty was su**rised. She said I don’t understand why don’t people approach me for dating. She explained her feelings and said to her aunty, I don’t even assume that I am bad looking and my body is uneven in shape.I am at an middle height for a Lady and I also weigh a bit below middle for my height, However I get ac*lades on my visiting and family friends keep questioning if I have a boyfriend or not and when I told them that I didn’t have boyfriend they didn’t understand the reason. Even once my driver questioned

me if I had a boyfriend and I said no, he was sh**ked and said I was good looking and he motivates me that I’ll found somebody but no bous ever showed interested in me. I have no idea why I never get approached for dating if I am not attractive or good looking. People always compliments mevarious times that I have a very sharp beautifully young face but should that stop men from dating me? I didn’t have an idea what to do about my alone dating life. I felt that I’m pretty but much about to be forever alone even though

I am not good looking and I don’t have any any issues. I am not going to beg a boys, she pleaded, stop telling me that is what I need to do. I just want all of this to be stopped, I want just end it all.

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