The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin Passed Away at 76

The Queen of Soul named, Aretha Franklin, has passed after a huge su*ferring decade years with her health iss ues. She was 76 years old. About an weekend, news came over of the queen singer su*fering with her health issues with friends and family members. The members of her family

shared on social media along with her health pr*blems and conditions, they said she’s not well. And asked to public for their prayers and thoughts. On Monday, Franklin was in treatment on home in Detroit, as family members were together to say her final goodbye to our music legend.After that, 3 years she has passed away. Franklin’s singing career, were expend over 6 decades long. She started as a kid at the New Bethel Baptist Ch’urch in De’troit. Her father was a minister in Detroit, when she was 18 Franklin became an singing career, which breaks the with Atlantic Records.

While on her career she made a huge hit songs and achieved so many success in her career. At the age of 25 she’s a top famous singer. Her song “Respect and You make me feel like A natural Women “ suddenly make her a superstar and she earn the title of The Queen of S*ul.She achieved 77 Billboard Hot 100 entires, 17 Top Ten Pop Singles, 100 R&B entries, with 20 No. 1 R&B Singles, Franklin suddenly became the most famous female singer of the decade in history. All of her career, Franklin won the 18 Grammy Awards and sold over 75 million records worldwide,

she’s the one of the bestest singer of the decade. She was the first female who was in Rock And Roll Hall of Frame in addition to the UK music Hall of Frame and also the GMA gospel Music Hall of Frame.

She’s greatest singer of all time. Fans will never forget her and remember her in her every song of her. Her voice are left to create magic in the fan’s heart

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