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When we are identified with the past, remembering how good it was before, complaining, looking for memories of bad things, reliving them a second, third, fourth, infinite times, we seek energy to be drained in those moments. Because that’s exactly what happens, our vital energy is totally depleted, when we give up our precious time to live clinging to the past, in a state of deep melancholy. Likewise, projecting the future at all times is incredibly exhausting, as we project a world that doesn’t exist yet, imagining things that haven’t happened yet, bringing anxieties, fears, worries and further weakening our bodies. It is no longer new how much these behaviors, when routine, make us sick, bring depression, panic, wearing out our bodies and bringing us physical illnesses as well. But in the midst of these whirlwinds of mental behavior that intoxicate our bodies and drain our energy, the solution is unique and infallible. Not living in the present moment accelerates your body’s aging through the bad emotions it can generate.

When you can feel your body in the moment you are now, feel your breath coming out and entering your chest, being whole, feeling the space, the sensations it causes, without having to remember or project anything, just enjoying the moment, you will be in the present moment and will be able to celebrate the life you have. If you think you have no reason to celebrate, don’t worry, they will show up for sure. For the veil of illusion will break at any moment, just practice paying attention to the only moment you can enjoy, NOW. Die to the past every moment, you don’t need it anymore. Don’t look forward to the future so much, it doesn’t exist yet and everything can be changed. Sometimes it is necessary to exclude people, erase memories, throw away what hurts, abandon what hurts us, get rid of things that hold us. Always expect the best, prepare for the worst and accept whatever comes. Dare, take risks, never give up and know how to value those who love you, they do deserve respect. As for the rest, well, nobody ever needed leftovers to be happy.

I do not agree with those who desire abundance just for themselves and theirs, I have been in negative environments and attract people and experiences that were real tortures, I faced all of this as a penance I suffered for walking unconsciously. I took responsibility for everything and forgave myself. I breathed the discipline that inspired true faith, the one that doesn’t manipulate the truth, that doesn’t control or fear, just let go and trust. I immersed myself in this revealing confidence and was able to experience the wisdom that exists in moments of lucidity. I woke up to the truth that lack of awareness makes us lack virtually everything and that is why when we are unconscious we feel empty, anxious and fearful. For those who wish to manipulate us, this state of unconsciousness is perfectly interesting since, with some distortions of the truth, they get what they want from unguarded beings who still ignore the truth. Don’t let them deceive you and deceive you, don’t follow the false notions of hypocrites, don’t stick to that they told you.

The act of convincing is a disrespect for the other’s integrity. People will walk away and others will approach you for the same reasons, accept this. It’s great and It’s kind of a deliverance, actually We will live eternally separating the “wheat from the chaff”, but neither the chaff nor the wheat are just good, nor just bad, they simply are, we are the ones who need to qualify.


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Feel the power of the present moment, reach the fullness of being. Feel your presence. Feel the presence of Allah in your life. I learned and I learned to go beyond what others taught me, followed masters, attended my religion , honored the knowledge of my ancestors and walked, progressively, acting positively in the face of the challenges that life presents me. I never allowed the knowledge of the world to limit me, on the contrary, I was always driven by questions and I tried to listen to all sides. I never blindly believed what men and women told me. I studied the history of humanity with dedication and came across ancient teachings that were extremely condemned and demonized over the years, by people who wanted to have power and control the masses. It was through my curiosity that I was able to perceive the extremely manipulative and controlling intention of these figures who held the great fortunes.

Money and violence led humble people to accept these arbitrary impositions fearfully and unconsciously. I have searched for years, and still seek, to become more aware every day, I no longer allow them to manipulate and distort the truth so that they can have power over me. The feel of pain of goodbye and what is over, always fighting to preserve all that is important to the happiness of my being. I open my windows for love ,not for hatred, anxiety, not to fear the future. I taught and is teaching me to enjoy the present, as a gift of life received and use it like a diamond that I even have to polish, giving it shape the way I choose. Take own your life! The path is just yours! And the day begins and you already think how many tasks, commitments, problems, not to mention the setbacks that arise and not even calculated to add to your personal chaos People fall into the daily pitfalls of over-thinking, whining, being static, not knowing where to start. Often they enter into the vibration of those around them, who, drawn many times by their momentary fragility, come close to discourse on how they are victims of the crisis, the world and circumstances, and the list of daily and eternal procrastinations, and alas! if not we are well aware of this. Then “Take action”! With determination and emphasis, show yourself that you are the boss and not the opinion or judgment of anyone. Show your ability and take your life with a firm “footprint” and come what may, let’s face it. Life does not give you guarantees, it’s there to be lived, be well resolved and go changing the phases and each one that suits the situation, good or not, let’s solve.

I read a phrase that says “Life is synthesized in two words – beauty and patience. If it works, beauty. If you do not, patience. At the time I even laughed, but no and that is simple like that, When it works out, celebrate, exercise gratitude to a high degree, and short your victory, however small, is always worth it. And if you do not have the patience to try as many thousand times as necessary until it works out. Not forgetting that sometimes you need to adjust the strategies. We are like a boat that needs to adjust the sails due to the wind. Take possession of your life because it is solely your responsibility.

Nobody puts their shoes on, the way is yours. Damn the opinion and the guess of others. A lot of people love to give advice or even want to determine what is best for the other, while their whole life is unresolved. Take action to grasp your life firmly and tell yourself, I can, I can do it and it’s all worked out. Become a better version of yourself, have faith, believe in the best, win one step at a time and determine that you will be a winner at the end of the game. Take ownership. Only you have that power and only you know what makes you happy for real. Take possession, that the Universe conspires in favor of who owns itself. So let me remind myself and all readers again focus on the present moment. Live the now.


Sajad Ul Hassan is a regular columnist of Good Morning Kashmir. He can be reached at


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