Thekaa Akhbar: Give dog a bad name and kill him

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Tug of war in media is an open secret and Kashmir is becoming a hub of issuing licences for disrespecting media houses to satisfy their false ego. Thekaa Akhbar, (contracted newspapers) is the term in vogue these days started by the section of newspaper owners who sense their decades old hegemony might be in danger. The semi-literate owners of these so-called big houses are big because of the government accommodation and lion’s share of advertisements they enjoy for years together. Professional acumen, qualification or creative writing prowess are the things majority of so-called biggies are bereft of. False projection, art of speaking and personal relation with the concerned matter. Education or no education the person should be loud mouth envious or the malafide traits can make the big editor in Kashmir.

Less than five professional qualified newspaper owners have been surviving in presence of hawks somehow. Products of the elite Mass Communication department of the University of Kashmir are fighting for their survival who opted to be independent newspaper owners. The decision which they rue after being pushed to the wall by the unscrupulous. Their peers who chose to practice the profession outside JK are heading elite and big media houses in the country.


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Adding salt to injury are shrinking readership and ad revenues, rising costs, waning credibility, and an onslaught of digital and social media which have taken a huge toll on their financial health one more problem of threat from corporate media, yellow journalism and sensationalism loom large. There is a major section of the media which is reluctant to use it for good purposes because their proprietors have just business interests .Their newspapers have become a place for government Ads use advertising and yellow journalism as a lever of influence. The purpose of journalism is to provide the public with the information necessary for them to make the best possible decisions about their livelihood, societies and governments.

While every medium offers a particular voice and perspective, corporate media and consolidation enforce conformity and suppress views that fall short of a specified range of interest. When the media is run by business leaders in place of journalists, the pursuit of objectivity and truth is generally not a priority. The longtime mainstays of high-quality journalism, such as investigative journalism that has played a crucial role in driving major social changes, are shunned as they are seen as cost-ineffective. With governments supporting the corporate media, yellow journalism is rising and good newspapers with their own worthwhile content are losing value. Unfortunately, newspapers burning their midnight oil have to struggle hard in this corporate media industry who are just treating it as business. Newspapers were pivotal in building up reform movements and holding politicians accountable throughout this era. The fourth estate was alive and very healthy, but the growing virus in this industry will render good newspapers nowhere.



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