S**cking! F*neral House Owner Accepts For Selling B’ody Parts Of D*ad Bodies.

A former holder of a f*neral house in Colorado accepted to i**egally examining bodies and auctioning the body parts without the permission of mourning family members. On Tuesday, Megan Hess accepted in federal court to conning at least a dozen families who had paid to have their died loved ones c**mated.

Megan reportedly rode the Sunset Mesa f*neral house in Montrose and a human body parts corporation called Donor Services out of the same area. As per the court documents, she eliminated the heads, spines, arms, and legs from the bodies rather of c**mating them before auctioning them.The prosecution is striving a p*nalty of 12 to 15 years in jail for Hess, who had asked not g**lty in 2020. Her defence has petitioned a deficient sentence of two years. She is presently out on bail. Originally, Hess and her mommy, Shirley Koch, organized the Sunset Mesa F*neral Foundation in 2009 as a non-profit donor assistance institution.

This “body-broker service” regulated out of the f*neral house and traded body parts to third parties, mainly for s*rgical activity and other academic objectives. It Is speculated that the team assembled thousands of dollars in payments from consumers for c**mations that never happened.As per the court documents, Hess targeted marginalized families s**iving while making arrangements for the d’emise of a adored one. In exchange for a body contribution, she also delivered free c**mations. According to prosecutors, many families obtained cremated remains mixed with other people’s ashes. One customer was lent with concrete mix somewhat than their loved one’s remains.



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