TLC’s Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas Revealed Why She’s Yet Single At 50

TLC’s Chilli has been one of music’s highest qualified bachelorettes for greatly of her career. The “No Scrubs” songstress has had a some high-profile connections (Usher, Dallas Austin) but has stayed sole a bunch of her career. Fans proceed to query why, as Ms. Chilli looks like the excellent package for a man willing to marry.

Regardless, she newly took to social media to establish the record straight and let fans learn that when the moment is right, Chilli will settle. Until then, she’s keeping up on the market. Recently, Hollywood Unlocked posted few screenshots of Chilli interacting with a fan online who queried why the 50-year-old vocalist is still sole.well, why she don’t got a spouse?? Something off,” the fan stated. The comment/question provoked the awareness of Chilli, who determined to react. “Because I’m not into finalizing for bull (poop emoji),” Chilli asserted. The fan determined to investigate further, saying, “Males are born thirsty, all you have to accomplish is chose one!

Stop going for dudes out of your club and grab the guy that really like you. Everybody can’t have a nice Millionaire!” Chilli finished the discussion, sharing she hadn’t met a man in her club still. Also, alleging what she wishes is a unique discovery, almost like herself. Chilli, Vivica, and Tracee are not lonely.They assemble a long line of a prosperous woman who clearly decline to settle. Oprah has constantly been anti-marriage, as has Whoppi Goldberg. “The View” host has taken off on record telling she does not want responding to anybody or sharing her house with a man. She thinks wedding is a burden.

Cher famously told she does not want to wed a wealthy man because she “is a rich man.” Do you believe these women are true? Is wedding the end all be all or clearly a cherry on prime?

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