A Woman Dr’ops $20 Million S’uit Ag’ainst Trey Songz

Thoroughly, here goes one c’a’se Trey Songz won’t have to con’cern about at least currently. According to jud’ici’ary stat’ements collected by Radar Online, a lady who fil’ed a $20 million su’it ag’ain’st the c’ro’oner in February won’t be shif’ting forward. Characterized as Jane Doe in the docs,

the lady informed she wants the whole effort rej’ected. Though, she did not sh’ut the gate to refiling the su’it at a later date. Jane Doe said her se*ua’l ass’au’lt story in February with the support of so’licitors Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck. However Trey rejected the cha’rges, the lady clarified acon’sens’ual se*ua’l connection that went different at a party. Woman Describes The Alleged An*l R’a’p’e The lady told she attended a Los Angeles house party with Trey on March 24, 2016. While there, Jane Doe and Trey reportedly decided to have con’sensu’al and led the way to the residence’s upper level.

Jane Doe told she said Trey no and instr’ucted him to quit asking. But according to her story, Trey was set on his proposal. Once inside a room, he alleg’edly thra’shed the lady on the floor, pul’led her clot’hes of’f, and pressed his into her.Jane Doe also described that the r’a’p’e proceeded after somebody briefly opened and sh’ut the room gate. After the as’sau’lt, Jane Doe told she sn’atc’hed her clothes, wore her under clot’hes, and escaped the house to call an Uber. Once in the vehicle, the driver reportedly change her destination to a nearby clinic.

As per Jane Doe, the examination performed at the clinic revealed serious ripping that could need a sur’gery. However authority talked to her after the r’a’p’e, she told she did not name Trey out of sc’are and wo’rr’ying for her life.

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