A Truck Driver Has Thirty Three Kids: Not Ashamed

Demond George claims to be a legend. The father, who is 34 years old and has had over 30 children with multiple women, admits that he is not ashamed of his situation. The father uploaded a picture of himself and 24 of his 33 offspring, writing, “The legend, the legacy will live forever.”

The mothers of my children deserve my gratitude for making this day possible. Rushelle Leonard and Emmalee are to be thanked. Carraway, Ja’Shay Mecie Okra and Uncle Billy Kortlyn Nycole and Nana@Tammy LaNell Miles for staying and helping with my kids Thank you Nykedra Kedrapooh Haggerty for taking our photos and for being understanding when 9 people weren’t there; they still turned out well. I’m quite fortunate. His blessing was challenged by many commenters, who said Money is not a concern of mine,

but the main issue is that you only believe raising a child costs money. I could agree that you take care of your children if you own a mansion, house all of your children and their baby mothers, assist with their schoolwork, wash their laundry, cut their grass, attend their sporting events, and help cook, clean, feed, bathe, and cut their hair.In that case, no, you don’t. I’m assuming you had a vasectomy. The issue in this situation is the degree of dysfunction. How is it possible to have that many children at the same time? No marriage, no dedication, no loyalty, no worth. I suppose that, as the expression goes, having a little bit of a dad is preferable to having no dad at all.

Sir, said another commenter. Your kids are missing out while you go on this rant. There are only 24 hours in a day, yet you have 34 children. I’m going to need you to stop using social media and start interacting with your kids. Even an hour a day with each child is not enough time in the day. A another person wrote, 33 children, This is so sleazy and careless.

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