Florida Mother Sh*t, At Uber Vehicle by her Friend while Dis’puting over Drinking

A Florida mother was sh*t by g*n on the backseat of an Uber ride while an dispute with her friend. The in cident happened on Saturday while 28-year old Gladys Yvette Borcela was traveling with five other travellers on a ride-share tran sport after a mid night of partying in Miami.Earlier to the team accumulate into the 2020 Cadillac Escalade, 24-year-old Natalia Harrell was alleged dis turbed with Borcela for being too ineb riate. Once in the SUV, the women got into a verbal argument. You don’t desire this; you don’t desire me to go in my bag, Harrell supposed to told

the suf*erer before retrieving a g*n to sh*t her. Harrell then shift to the front seat of the vehicle and sh**t a single sh*t at Borcela, who was sitted on the third row of the vehicle. A dash camera were captured the entire in cident. The driver suddenly stopped the vehicle on the medium of in front of 96 SE 1st Street.They transported, Borcela to a local hospital where she pronounced d*ad after suf*ering from a wound of g*n sh**t. Harrell is ar**sted on Tuesday and asserted with second-degree m**der. A GoFundMe reported that Borcela was a loyal mom of three childrens. On Thursday morning, the GoFundMe donated over $4,000.

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