Watch the cutest video Baby amazingly confused After seeing his Dad without beard

A video is circulating on the internet, where a child is seen amazed when the dad remove the towel from his face. This took baby’s parents also by surprise and baffled.


Actually Mr. Micheal Balderson , baby’s father thought during the game peek-a -boo that it will be a moment of fun when he will show his shaven face to his child. Father was keeping beard ever since the child born. Surprisingly, the response of the baby when his father took off the towel from his face was very cute and confused. Baby was laughing while playing, then he amazed when he saw his father chin, then confused a bit. Later he agreed by touching father’s chin that it is his father. Mom captured all the moments at the right time.

Micheal tells his emotion that the baby’s face was confused. For more than 20 sec he was surprised whether it is his father or not. He gradually realised that it is still me however he was not fully convinced. Father explains that the face of his child was saddened cute while completely shocked.

The viral video is becoming very much popular among the netizens


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