Eddie Murphy’s Tr*gedy Wedding Barely Worked Only 14 Days, His Ex Re’jected His Mother Suggested Him to Leave Her

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds seemed so in love and had so several plans for how their marriage and life after would be. Finally, the couple married in a luxurious marriage but su*prisingly declared their detachment just two weeks after their wedding. Legendary Comedian Eddie Murphy has been

comprised in various connections in his life; though, his supreme prominent was his wedding to model Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Sadly Eddie and Nicole declared they would finish their 12 years of wedding. The news arrived as a su*prise to every one because, till that point, they seemed inseparable.After his wedding with Nicole finished up, Eddie began going out with retired Spice Girl Melanie Brown and business woman Tracey Edmonds. The comedian’s connection with Mel. B resulted in a daughter Angel Iris, but the couple’s romance was sh*rt-lived. Eddie concentrated all his

compassion on Tracey, who at the moment was already a mama to two children from her last connection with ex-husband Kenneth Edmonds. On January 15, 2008, barely 14 days after the luxurious marriage ceremony, Eddie and Tracey declared they would go their different ways.The heart-b*eaking news amazed everyone and made people gape how and why the couple would finish their wedding just two weeks after the wedding. As per the source Tracey and Eddie’s mama, Lilian Lynch, who accompanied the marriage, did not get ahead. Lilian even put Eddie in a tight stance when she inquired him to select between her and Tracey.

The source told that, [Lillian] almost said, It’s me or her,’ to Eddie. His mother never preferred her or her mama, and she actually went off on Tracey and Jackie. There was a big discussion, and words were said and Eddie took his mom’s side.

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