Why are we so obsessed with celebrities?

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In today’s world celebrity obsession has become a trend and is seen everywhere. But even before technology, celebrity culture existed, starting many hundreds of years ago. Athletes in Ancient Greece were welcomed home as heroes. They had songs and poems written in their honor, and received free food and gifts. Ancient Rome praised actors and gladiators, and Julius Caesar made a radical step in celebrity culture by putting his face on a coin instead of the usual depiction of battles and divine lineage. James Houran, a psychologist at the consulting firm HVS Executive Search rightly opines that celebrities act like a drug in our society. At times, this obsession can go to excessive limits and turn into hysterical. Some psychologists say that it might happen due to feeling some sort of connection that is missing in our lives. That is why identifying with people in alternative forums can help. We also love them because they are integral part of our culture. They have made it in the worldview we are so entrenched in.


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By worshiping them to an extent and in a way, we feel as if we are participating in this hugely important belief system. Sometimes, it becomes a positive change for people who are potentially inspired by their creativity. However, the jealousy that we feel towards our celebrity overlords or trying to copy them at an extreme can quickly sour and lead to fatal consequences. We still idolize musicians, actors, and athletes but, we don’t spend as much time discussing the men and women who have actually impacted our lives or changed others’. Real-life relationships can be scary, hurtful, and plain disappointing therefore, developing a far-away infatuation with a movie star or rock musician provides a low-risk alternative. Research based on surveying 437 Hungarians between 14 and 63 years of age regarding social media habits, celebrity worship and other factors suggests that individuals who admire celebrities have poor social skills and are at a greater risk of engaging in compulsive behaviors. So, first of all we should look upto people who really are worthy and secondly obsession of any sort is detrimental.

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