Winner of Food Network show said, Daughter D*ed After Drinking Too Much Water

A South Carolina Mom and winner of the 20th season show of “Worst Cooks in America” was refused her b*il pl’ed of $40,000 on Friday after being ca*ght up to p**son for the m**der of her 3-year-old daughter. Prior this year, a young girl was transported to Prisma Health Richland Hospital

and was su*denly pronounce d*ad after doctors found her cold and not re sponsive The girl was just 3-year-old daughter of Ariel and Jerry Robinson, Victoria Rose. On 14th Jan, Jerry was also ar**sted also with Ariel, for mu**ering a child. Ariel, 29 years old, supposed that Victoriad*ed because of dri nking e*cessive amount of water,” saying she” ‘went ho*ble after dr inking many glass of water, which led her to do the Heimlich maneuver as she supposed to s*ared the girl was coughing. But seeing daughter choking and su*fering parents didn’t make a call on 911.

P*lice said that “the sus pect’s d*mise was the e*act out come of physical as**ult, a out come of various rough force w**nds. Christy Kednocker Sustakovitch, tell for Ariel, told that the contusion Would be the results of various at*empts of pressing stomach to pull out water.However, Jerry did not visited in co*rt on Friday, he said, to p*lice that he had never tried to phy sically as**ult to Victoria. Even, Ariel would “used to of, be**ing her from various stuffs like, be’lt, pad’dle, flip flop anything he stated.

He also told that the exact day of Victoria’s d*ath she be**en her with belt. Ariel’s b*il has now refuse by jud ges because she can ne become a da**er for the community. Specially to the kids, and even to herself she’a da***rous.

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