Daz Dillinger Says, Jada was inv*lved with rapper Kriss Kross when he was younger

Despite the fact that Will Smith has kept a low pr*file ever since that inf amous sl*p, al**ations regarding his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, have been in the sp*t light. This time around, an un earthed interview with former D*ath Row’s Tha Dogg Pond rapper Dazz Dillinger claims Jada was inv*lved

with rapper Chris Kelly (one half of Kriss Kross) when she was 22 years old and he was alle gedly underage. Dazz Dillinger chimed in sh*rtly after August Alsina revealed Jada’s years-long entanglement with him while she was married to Will Smith. The late rapper Chris Kelly discussed what heclaims to have seen between Jada and Kriss Kross rapper Jada in a video interview. Daz talked about the tight relation ship he and several other members of Death Row had with Kriss Kross, a member of the So Def rap collective, during the time. In fact, Daz claims that is how he learned that Jada was

purportedly “entangled” with a teenage Chris Kelly at the time. According to Daz, Jada was in volved with Chris Kelly from motherfucking Kriss Kross. Jada Pinkett is at the door, but don’t go, Chris said to Kriss Kross, who was present. Take this cannabis and relax. Damn, he handed us an ounce of marijuana,we thought. We’re going to start right here. He then returned and said, Yeah, that was Jada Pinkett. Damn, that ni&&a was f**king Jada Pinkett when she was a young woman. 1993 or around. Then, she was entangled!

Salutations to Jada. Fans quickly realized that Chris Kelly was still a teenager while Jada was an ad*lt in 1993. Daz didn’t go into detail about their ages, but he never refuted it, and as far as we know, Jada Pinkett-Smith hasn’t either.

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