Women Went to give food to homeless and came back in Tea’rs

In today’s world children often leave their parents alone which is pai’nful for anyone. Same thing happened Kim Colvin from Alabana faced the same tra’ge’dy her children left alone. She live in Alabama alone. However, Kim was not able to cook food for herself but once she tried to prepare delicious food for herself.

She was craving to have be’ef. She cooked vegetables and beef together. She also made mac and cheese and cornbread. Kim always used to cook a lot of food as she never understood how to cook only for hers. Kim noticed that the food she had made and there was a lots of food left that she did not want to waste.Kim saw that the food left was too much at least 11 plate, so she thought of taking to food to a close park. She already know that there park there were stray people. Kim left to the park and one plate of food to a homeless man. She noticed a mom who was there with her three children.

One of the kids jerked her mother and when the mommy looked up, she saw a women with plates of food. The mom was got emotional and was tears as Kim gave them food. The mother told she and her children are homeless and she was wishing somebody would provide them food. Kim also got emotional by the words of that homeless mother.She posted the video clip of the moments. When Kim shared the video it shortly got plenty of appreciations and got million views. Kim was touched by the homeless mother as she felt sad that the mother has to pray so that she can have food for her children. Kim arrived as a prayer to the mother and her children.

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