17 Year Old Niece of Trina is no more, sh**t in Miami

Trina’s 17-year old niece was k**led on Wednesday morning in South Miami. WSVN 7 News reports that Trina’s ad*red niece, Baby Suga, who she fre*uently referred to as, was near Liberty City.

Authorities are al**gedly looking into the in cident, and it is currently unknown why S*ga was s**t. However, sources reportedly told TMZ that Suga was simply in the w**ng place at the w**ng time. According to reports,Wilbrent Bain, the brother of the rapper known for “Pull Over, was mu**er’e’d in northwest Miami in 2013 after an a**ument. A close friend of Bain’s reportedly s**t him after a dis agreement between them,

according to sources. Second-degree was the alleged against the man. Trina experienced sa*ness once more in 2020 when her mother Vernessa lost her fi*ht with c**cer. This time, Trina honored her che*ished mother in the album’s final song, The One. When I was in the studio recording this song,

my mom was a little under the weather, and I was feeling really de**essed. The song was inspired by the phone call I made to her, which revealed that she wasn’t feeling well. I simply entered the recording studio full of these feelings, and that is how it came out. Please Don’t forget to pray for Trina’s family during this dificult time.

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