YG and Tyga YG and Tyga are ready to drop another single. They have surprised their fans with a snippet from their new music video. On Friday, the two rappers are going to drop a new track named Run and on Instagram they shared clip from the official video.

But it’s careful to say that they smashed the internet with their costumes as several fans have connected them to the Kardashians. YG and Tyga have released the teaser of the music video of their new track called Run.On Instagram a new video uploaded indicates the duo rappers renovate into what seems to be members of the Kardashians family. Tyga has wore a long black wig with full make-up on along with black sunglasses which gave Kim Kardashian vibes to the fans. YG donned with a blonde wig and full-make up, seeming as the likes of Khloé Kardashian.

YG in caption wrote on his Instagram post along with a small snippet from the video, “June 24th a movie RUN.” The comedy video posted on YG’s Instagram profile has earned 1 million views and thousands of responses from celebrities and fans.Fans can’t carry their reactions over the cheerful clip. While some of them approve that they aim the Kardashians sisters, others wrote that YG and Tyga gave them ‘White Chicks’ vibes, personalities from the famous 2004 comedy with Shawn and Marlon Wayans.

One Twitter user wrote, “Now I can see Tyga doing some thing like this but YG????” Another one fan commented: “That YG and Tyga video is gonna be uhhh…. entertaining.” One individual asked: “You telling me that’s YG and Tyga in the car?” Another one added: “Aint no way YG and Tyga creating a new music video of them being like the film White Chicks.”

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